The not-for-profit part of Gamify Institute

The great challenge for us today, and for the remainder of the century, is to integrate games more closely into our everyday lives, and to embrace them as a platform for collaborating on our most important planetary efforts. Jane McGonigal

What we do

Gamify is all about gamification and is the not-for-profit part of Gamify Institute.

Our goal is to "make everything easier" by turning all kinds of tasks into games, off-line as well as on-line. Our main interst is in the area of teaching.

We are strongly inspired by the excellent work and thinking of Jane McGonigal.

We have just started, so we are looking for everything (projects, ideas, etc).

The current state of our "evil" plan is as follows:

That is actually not quite true, since we have started a cooperation with about gamifying the reduction and possible end of food waste and food loss!

Who we are

We want to be the best team in the world!

Currently, however, we are just one person: Lars Landberg who is the Founder of GamifyInstitute, and this not-for-profit part of the organisation (

Our gamification team is:


Lars Landberg

CEO (.com), Excecutive Director (.org) and Founder

The only relevant qualification that Lars has is that he is very interested in the application of gamification to changing the world. More here


Your name here!

Gamification Architect


Your name here!

Gamification Designer

What is Gamification?

You can find quite a bit about this in various places, but a good start, as always!, is on Wikipedia. The shortest possible definition is that gamification uses game-design elements from computer games to turn all kinds of activities/tasks/chores into some form of game.

Typical game-design elements are points, levels, badges, leaderboards etc.


If you are intersted in what we plan to do, please do send us an email

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